What is ViviFace?

ViviFace is a new breakthrough technology that uses a combination of gentle ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and unique percutaneous lymphatic drainage to revitalize facial skin, reduce facial fat and nasolabial folds, and diminish wrinkles, fine lines and excess skin. Its patented technology is completely safe and pain-free, with no side effects or down time. The patents cover non-invasive weight-loss procedures to accelerate metabolic processes and dissolve fat cells via Lymphatic drainage, Electric current and Ultrasound. ViviFace treatments can be done as often as desired, with many clients choosing to schedule monthly sessions as part of their regular routine of beauty maintenance.

Is ViviFace effective?

ViviFace has been proven effective for clients young and old. By reorganizing facial cells, ViviFace repairs damage created by environmental stress, which is very beneficial for younger patients who suffer from acne scars, hyperpigmentation and other issues. For older clients, ViviFace is very effective in providing a nonsurgical “facelift,” with results including: facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, smoothing and lifting, disappearance of wrinkles, eye bags and nasolabial folds, and an overall vibrancy, glow, and more youthful appearance. Some effects appear immediately following treatment, while others take three to four days to come into effect.

Is ViviFace safe?

ViviFace is based on the BRH-A2 Combined Ultrasound and Electric Field Stimulation (CUSEFS) device, which has been approved by the FDA for safety. It uses the principles of therapeutic ultrasound, known to be safe for over 60 years, and has been successfully used to treat thousands of patients worldwide with absolutely no side effects whatsoever.

How long does it take to see results?

Clinics using ViviFace report that time to results may vary between patients, depending upon the person’s age, volume of fat under the skin, and home maintenance activities. Some users see results instantly after a 40-minute treatment, while for others, noticeable results appear after 3-4 days.

Who are the best candidates to undergo a ViviFace treatment?

Clients age 40 and above, who seek younger, firmer looking skin, are the best candidates, however younger clients who seek to reduce acne scars are also good candidates. In all cases, it should be someone with realistic expectations of the benefits this type of treatment can provide.

How does ViviFace differ from other facial contouring devices in the market?

The main differentiators of ViviFace treatment are that it is pain-free, pleasant and completely safe; and that it requires no down time, offers immediate results, and can be performed as often as the client wants.

What is the post treatment recovery like?

ViviFace requires no post-treatment recovery. There is no downtime, no bruising, and no pain. Results may be instant or take a few days to appear, however clients can go straight from treatment into their daily life routine.

Is ViviFace FDA approved?

Yes. ViviFace is based on the BRH-A2 Combined Ultrasound and Electric Field Stimulation (CUSEFS) device, which has been approved by the FDA for increased blood flow, muscle relaxation, increased range of motion and pain relief.

What do you mean by “natural process”?

ViviFace increases the blood's natural flow and the supply of oxygen and fibroblasts, while its unique percutaneous lymphatic drainage accelerates the body's natural removal of dead collagen and elastin cells, encouraging accelerated collagen regeneration. In short, ViviFace supports the body's natural system of clearing away toxins, regenerating cells and renewing collagen growth.

How long is the treatment?

Each side of the face is 20 minutes, for a 40-minute session in total.

How often can patients be treated with ViviFace?

Patients can come for ViviFace as often as once a week, and in the beginning, weekly sessions are recommended to reach a base line. Afterwards, the suggested maintenance schedule is once every month or two.

Is the treatment painful?

ViviFace is so pleasant, soothing and pain-free that many patients report falling asleep during treatment.

How long after the treatment can I see results?

In the vast majority of cases, results are noticeable after the very first treatment. The BellaContour system includes an attached digital camera that stores photos before and after treatments, to allow analyzing results immediately.

How long will the results last?

The results last as long as you do not gain significant weight. As long as you retain the same lifestyle, the results will last virtually forever. You don't need any special diet and/or vitamins during or after the treatment. Though not necessary, but for further results we recommend walking.

Which areas can I treat with the ViviFace?

ViviFace can be used to treat the entire face and neck area, including: under the eyes, forehead, nasolabial folds, neck, chest and décolletage.