ViviFace - Non-Invasive Facelift

ViviFace is a new breakthrough non-invasive facelift. This painless treatment uses advanced non-focused ultrasound technology to slim down facial appearance, dramatically diminish wrinkles and tighten facial skin.

The ultrasound waves penetrate deep below the surface of the skin, stimulating facial blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage and promoting cellular renewal and collagen restoration. The result is a dramatic improvement of the skin's appearance, including a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, toning of muscles, reduced puffiness and swelling, and the overall restoration of a more youthful appearance. 


The process is safe, pain-free and gentle – the ideal alternative to painful surgical procedures and a welcome replacement for other market offerings today that is extremely painful and requires significant downtime, scarring, and interruption to the client's daily routine.

Who is ViviFace Right For?

ViviFace is suitable for virtually all ages. One clinic owner calls it "good food for the skin," and has found it extremely beneficial for young patients in treating their acne scars. Clients in their 40s and 50s find that their skin recovers a vibrancy and glow they haven't seen for years, and the reduction of fat causes a tightening, lifting and firming of their facial skin and muscles. Eye bags vanish, nasolabial folds are diminished, and fine lines and wrinkles disappear.


Many see visible results immediately following the first treatment; others find there is a three- to four-day delay, as the released toxins drain and the cellular renewal process takes place. Depending on the thickness of the client's skin, an initial 3-7 treatments, once a week, are recommended, and then routine treatments every 2-4 months to maintain the effects.

ViviFace – Helping you Build a New Revenue Stream

ViviFace is a game-changer in several ways, not least of which is the potential for increased clinic revenues.


Clinic owners are reporting that ViviFace has become THE MOST REQUESTED TREATMENT in their practice. It brings in new clientele who soon become regulars, and results in the exponential growth of repeat business by new and veteran customers alike, as it swiftly becomes part of their ongoing beauty maintenance routine. Some clients come for monthly treatments, just as they would for a facial massage, and the experience is so pleasant and relaxing that some actually fall asleep during treatment.

ViviFace – Gain without Pain

ViviFace is more than an aesthetic treatment, more than an income generator. ViviFace is a powerful stance taken within the beauty industry, one that says women and men have the right to look beautiful and vibrant without having to suffer for it. All other existing technologies on the market today have numerous unfortunate side effects, including extreme pain, swelling, internal and external bruising, burning, scarring, downtime and life interruption – not to mention the need for internal and external painkillers.


ViviFace is not only pain-free, but it has been called pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing by clients, who eagerly schedule ongoing appointments, making ViviFace an integral part of their regular beauty regimen.

The ViviFace Mechanism of Action

To understand what makes ViviFace technology completely unique in today's market, it helps to first take a look at therapeutic ultrasound technology. While ultrasound has been commonly used by medical practitioners for the last 60 years, what is not commonly known is that ultrasound loses its effectiveness just minutes into a treatment session. This is because, after the first few minutes of ultrasound waves penetrating the skin's barrier, the body recovers and forms an impenetrable blockade that obstructs the waves from effectively performing their intended job, and prevents the treatment's success.

As a result, until today, all non-surgical modalities - focused ultrasound, laser, radiofrequency - employ FOCUSED ENERGY in order to penetrate that barrier. This focused energy is the cause for most of the complaints lodged against these methods: pain, burning, scarring, bruising, downtime and the like.

It is into this arena that ViviFace entered with a breakthrough patented technology that enables penetration of the skin's blockade using NON-FOCUSED ENERGY. By syncing unfocused ultrasound waves with electromagnetic fields, ViviFace is able to penetrate the skin's natural barrier for the entire treatment session, thus providing extremely effective results without any of the damage or pain caused by other methods. These waves, penetrating deep under the skin, are able to clear the underlying blood vessels and lymphatic system, enabling the body to eliminate toxins, regenerate collagen and naturally rejuvenate itself.

Watch how the ViviFace system penetrates deep within the skin to increase blood and lymphatic circulation. The Viviface ultrasound transducer, when applied to the skin, creates a whirlpool action that stimulates blood flow, encourages lymphatic drainage and promotes cellular regeneration and collagen restoration.