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  • Noninvasive & Safe

  • Stimulates Natural Metabolism Of Fat Cells

  • Provides Clinically Proven, Measurable And Rapid Results

  • Attracts New Patients And Increases Client Retention

  • Enables New Revenue Streams

The Ultimate Body
Contouring & Cellulite Solution



Through the ages, both women and men have pursued a leaner, smoother physique - often at great risk to their health and safety. Vivi Face & Body provides the ultimate safe and
non-invasive treatment for body contouring and cellulite reduction. Vivi Face & Body is the only effective solution able to apply low-intensity, non- focused ultrasound that mimics the body's natural way of shrinking fat cells.
Vivi Face & Body is unlike all other procedures and energy devices, which rupture, remove and bruise fat and collagen cells, risking serious side effects, such as necrosis, 
neven/bumpy skin, accelerated ageing, and fat accumulation in unexpected areas. Instead, Vivi Face & Body stimulates the body's metabolic processes to release that fat (lipids) as a source Of energy causing the cells to shrink. increasing blood circulation and improving the smoothness and texture of the skin in the following areas:

• Abdomen, including love handles
• Thighs, inner and outer
• Knees
• Arms
• Buttocks
• Chest (for men)
• Face and chin

The results are immediate, measurable, and clinically proven. Patients see visible improvement and circumference reduction after the first treatment. A full 92% of patients see at least 4cm reduction after a 10-session series completion.
Plus, results are long-lasting

What Makes ViVi's
Technology So Appealing?

Penetrating the skin is a big challenge for all technologies. Low-intensity, non-focused ultrasound has been known for over fifty years. In fact, it is used today as a diagnostic tool during pregnancy.
However, mega research has found no evidence that it is effective as a treatment method. This is mainly because the body constantly changes its impedance, which blocks any beneficial properties of the US.
ViVi's scientists have developed a breakthrough patented system that overcomes this impedance. They created an electric field that, once synced with the US, enables it to remain effective during the entire treatment session.
The result is that Vivi Face & Body, uses a safe and natural way for circumference reduction and face rejuvenation, in a way NO ONE ELSE CAN!


How it works — AKA:
Mechanism of Action

Vivi Face & Body mimics the way the body naturally loses fat after 40 minutes of exercise, by increasing the release of lipid from fat cells. Once released, the lipids enter the bloodstream and travel to the liver, where they are processed.
Unlike with other methods, the fat cells are not ruptured or harmed in any way, resulting in a safe and natural treatment as well as a measurable circumference reduction.

52% Increase in the Body's Natural
Metabolic Rate

A study performed in Hadassah Medical Center concluded that a single Vivi Body & Face treatment significantly increases the utilization of fat in moder- ate intensity exercise by 52%, compared with pre- treatment values.


A Comfortable Treatment

A TRULY PAIN-FREE NATURAL PROCEDURE Vivi Face & Body treatmentsessions lasta pproximately 50 minutes and are described by patients as relaxing and totally pain-free. There is no recuperation time following a treatment and patients can resume their

Normal daily routine immediately.

The recommended protocol includes 10 sessions for optimal and lasting results and the procedures can be repeated in as little as 48 hours, allowing for the treatment series to be completed in just 3 weeks.


92% of patients see at least a 4cm reduction after completing a series of 8 treatments Based on a study conducted by Professor Irit Arbel on 700 patients.

Providing Fast & Measurable


Each 50-minute session includes a series of precise measurements and photos before and after treatment. This allows you to show immediate proof of results to your clients, typically after the very first treatment.
The Vivi Face & Body proprietary computerized tracking system allows you to prove results by documenting and storing client data (weight, measurements, and results) and tracking
improvement over the course of the 10-session protocol.
This proof drastically increases client satisfaction and loyalty and therefore reinforces your credibility.


Provide a Natural Option &
Grow Your Practice


"How can I grow my practice?"

This is a question asked by many. The answer is:
There are two main methods:

  1.  Grow your patient base

  2.  Increase the number Of visits from each patient


The Vivi Face & Body solution can do both.

How ViVi increases the
number of potential patients:

The feel-good treatment
Not only are Vivi treatments pain-free, but also many patients find them as enjoyable as a light massage, attracting those averse to the adage, 'no pain, no gain.'
Totally risk-free
Declared safe by the FDA Vivi attracts patients seeking alternatives to more dangerous options. 
Rapid drastic results
Unlike other market offerings, Vivi promises instant results following treatment, enabling a money-back guarantee that attracts patients. 
Totally noninvasive
Unlike all other available treatments, known as 'minimally invasive,' Vivi is completely noninvasive, with therefore no downtime

Increased repeat visits

Unlimited visits
Vivi treatments are branded as healthy , holistic treatment. They provide instant results, with no damage and no downtime, and therefore can be done as often as a patient would like. Full studies confirm that not only does Vivi cause noda mage to skin and cells, but it actually heals and clears blood vessels while shrinking fat cells.

Safe for the entire body
Almost the entire body and face can be treated with ViVi, substantially increasing both the number of potential customers and the number of treatments per patient.
Feels like a rejuvenating spa

Vivi treatments are so pleasant, healthy and effective, some patients make it part of their regular face treatment routine.

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