Non-surgical & Needle-Free

Non-Invasive Facial & Body Contouring. Unmatched Results.

ViviFace, a new breakthrough technology, is the first facial contouring treatment that offers not only immediate results, but experienced users are calling 'pain-free' and 'enjoyable.' After just one treatment, clients report seeing smoother, tighter, more vibrant skin, and after a series of several treatments, they reach a new level of skin rejuvenation. Completely safe, with no side effects or downtime, ViviFace treatments can be done as often as desired, enabling clinics to drastically increase not only their number of new clientele but the volume of repeat clients, who decide to make ViviFace treatments a part of their ongoing beauty maintenance routine.

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ViviFace: the Non-invasive Facelift

Non-invasive, safe, pain-free (and needle free), ViviFace utilizes patented ultrasound technology to revitalize facial skin, reduce facial fat and nasolabial folds, and diminish wrinkles, fine lines and excess skin along the jawline and under the chin, all in 5 treatments with zero downtime. Significant results are visible from the very first treatment. FDA approved, the ViviFace system uses a combination of low energy ultrasound, synced with patented electrical stimulation, to painlessly and efficiently remove unwanted fat, which is eliminated as part of the body's natural metabolic process.

Body Contouring & Cellulite Reduction - Naturally

  • Noninvasive & Safe

  • Stimulates Natural Metabolism Of Fat Cells

  • Provides Clinically Proven, Measurable And Rapid Results

  • Attracts New Patients And Increases Client Retention

  • Enables New Revenue Streams

Through the ages, both women and men have pursued a leaner, smoother physique - often at great risk to their health and safety. Vivi Face & Body provides the ultimate safe and
non-invasive treatment for body contouring and cellulite reduction. Vivi Face & Body is the only effective solution able to apply low-intensity, non- focused ultrasound that mimics the body's natural way of shrinking fat cells.
Vivi Face & Body is unlike all other procedures and energy devices, which rupture, remove and bruise fat and collagen cells, risking serious side effects, such as necrosis, 
neven/bumpy skin, accelerated ageing, and fat accumulation in unexpected areas. Instead, Vivi Face & Body stimulates the body's metabolic processes to release that fat (lipids) as a source Of energy causing the cells to shrink.

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Awesome Results! Even after my first treatment I noticed the puffiness had almost disappeared and my fine lines were almost gone.

Donna M. (Grapevine, TX)


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